(1) Personal Tax
Here at Zaheer & Co, we will advise and deal with all your tax affairs, no matter how complicated. We can calculate, complete and submit your self-assessment tax return to HMRC online on your behalf. We will ensure that your tax code is correct and shall apply for a tax refund if we believe you may be due one.

Personal Taxable income includes:

  • Employment Income
  • Self Employed Income
  • Pensions Income (State, company, private pensions)
  • Interest Income
  • Income from Shares – DIVIDEND
  • UK Property Income – RENT INCOME
  • Income paid to you from a Trust

(2) Corporation Tax
Corporation Tax is a tax on the taxable profits of limited companies and other organisations including clubs, societies, associations and other unincorporated bodies.
Here at Zaheer & Co we can help you to minimise your CT liabilities and deal with all the administration necessary to comply with the HMRC and to file your Company Tax Return.

(3) Value Added Tax (VAT)
Services include the following:

  • Assistance with VAT Registration
  • Advice on VAT Registration and De-registration
  • Land and property option to tax
  • Completion of VAT Returns, monthly / quarterly / yearly
  • Advice on whether you would benefit from the Flat Rate Scheme and flat rate scheme application if required
  • Help and advice with any under or overpayment of VAT
  • Assistance with VAT inspection – negotiating with HMRC in the event of any disputes

(4) Construction Industry Tax Scheme (CIS)
The scheme applies mainly to contractors and subcontractors in mainstream construction work, however businesses or organisations whose core activity isn't construction but have a high annual spend on construction may also count as contractors.

(5) Capital Gain Tax
If, when you sell or give away an asset you own and it has increased in value, you may be liable to be taxed on the 'gain' (profit).
However CGT is surrounded by many confusing exemptions and conditions as to which capital assets are liable for taxation and which are free of it. There are several exemptions and mitigating factors that can help reduce the tax burden.

(6) Inheritance Tax
When wealth is passed on from one generation to the other, and depending on size of your personal estate, inheritance liability is due. This liability can be minimised by advance planning. Zaheer & Co may be able to help to organise your affair in most tax efficient manner.





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